Roberto Clemente Foundation Community Outreach

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Bobby Clemente & Students Raise Funds
Bobby Clemente, grandson of Roberto joins with fellow students to raise $8000 for Puerto Rico in aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
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FEMA & Vera Clemente with Survivors
Vera Clemente and FEMA staff share a laugh with a survivor. In this event, the Roberto Clemente Foundation gave 200 pairs of sneakers to kids in the remote town of Castañer in Lares, Puerto Rico.
Statue of Roberto Clemente
Clemente Gives Baseball Jersey To Survivor
Luis listens to Julio Serranos' story on how Roberto brought baseball to him when he was just a kid, then gives him a 21 Pirates Jersey which he kisses. At this event, the Foundation gave 200 pairs of sneakers to kids in the remote town of Castañer
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Krystal Mendez Meets Luis at Castañer
Luis Clemente shakes the hand of Krystal Mendez, a survivor who turned 15 during the hurricane and was visited by local actors to celebrate her birthday. At this event, the Foundation gave 200 pairs of sneakers to kids in the remote town of Castañer in Lares.
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Luis & FEMA in Castañer
Luis Roberto Clemente (left), son of the great Baseball Player Roberto Clemente, is greeted by Jose Cardon (center) and David Albarran (right).
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Major Orlando Martinez, US Army, Victor Rivera
& Eddie Vargas
The Baseball Club of Cicero, NY donated equipment to the Roberto Clemente Foundation during the Joel Davis Memorial Tournament.
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Donated Sports Equipment 2018
The Baseball Club of Cicero, NY donated equipment to the Roberto Clemente Foundation during the Joel Davis Memorial Tournament.
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Donation to Children's Hospital
June, 2010: Luis and Vera present a check to Domingo Cruz, President of San Jorge Children’s Hospital, to pay for specialized audiovisual MRI equipment.
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Victor Rivera, Luis & Bobby Clemente
April 2017 - Luis gives a presentation about the official Clemente family book at SUNY Canton.
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Board Members: Luis, Paul & Victor in Puerto Rico
January 2018 - Delivering food to Arecibo and Utuado, Puerto Rico
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Mission to La Cienega, D.R.
Luis leading outreach at La Cienega, Dominican Republic
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$1000 to Pastor to Reopen Kitchen
Board Member Victor Rivera and father giving $1000 to a pastor of a church in Puerto Rico. The money went to repairs on their kitchen allowing them to continue feeding the poor.
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Luis at Roberto Clemente Namesake School
2012 Luis visits MCPS Roberto Clemente Middle School and encourages kids to carry on the legacy of Roberto.
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Luis at St. Louis Children's Hospital
Photo: Luis Clemente
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community outreach
with a servant's heart

September 2017 marked the 45th anniversary of Roberto’s 3,000th hit. It represents one of baseball’s most triumphant moments and the crown jewel of baseball’s most beloved player.

However, it wasn’t all about the records broken and games won, it was about service to humanity. Roberto once said that he wanted “to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all he had to give.” His statement wasn’t specific to baseball. Roberto considered himself, first and foremost, a servant to the people who needed him. 

Photo: Luis Clemente

Helping the Needy

When the earthquake hit Nicaragua in December 1972, Roberto managed to make contact with a man in Managua to take stock of the damages and what was needed in the country. They needed everything, of course. The next week was spent making announcements and organizing collections of aid supplies from all over the island.

He made a guest appearance on a popular game show with the great singer and future senator Ruth Fernandez, commending the island’s youth for their help and asking for further donations. One of the collection centers was Hiram Bithorn Stadium, where he played often as a youngster. They collected several tons of supplies and more than $100,000 for the effort.

Vera Clemente with Rookie of the Year and three times American League batting champion, Tony Oliva.
Photo: Jean Fruth / National Baseball Hall of Fame

Called to Service

Of course, we all know what happened next. The plane was a compromised DC-7 bought off a dingy lot in Miami, and the owner was a loose cannon with a history of defying air safety regulations. The plane barely cleared the palm trees at the edge of the runway and disappeared some miles north of Los Piñones beach. Losing Roberto was a tragedy that shook the island and world. But, he left us with his mission as a legacy for all generations. He said it best himself:

“If you have an opportunity to accomplish something that will make things better for someone coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.”

Photo: Unsplash

A Higher Calling

Join us today as we bring the Roberto Clemente Foundation into the future. Our commitment to “building nations of good” has sustained this organization and will mark our efforts going forward as well. With your help, we can spread Roberto’s legacy of faith, love, and service to thousands of needy people all over the world. Our focus is on relief efforts for areas stricken by recent disasters and long-term poverty.

RCF responds to disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. We rely on partnership with people like you that loved Roberto and what he stood for.

Photo: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Generous Supporting Organizations


Make the

Clemente Legacy

Your Legacy

The Roberto Clemente Foundation welcomes the opportunity to share what the Foundation is doing and to invite you to join us as we carry on the Legacy of Roberto in Building Nations of Good.





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